Hey — my name is Gathoni.

I'm a frontend developer and technical writer working with businesses to create engaging content for developers.

I absolutely love what I do! I get to learn new things and share my knowledge.

I’ve worked with diverse languages and tools including JavaScript, React, Next.js, SaSS, and Supabase. I'm currently learning TypeScript (I feel like everyone is continuosly learning TypeScript lol.).

I’m on the lookout to contribute within a small team that’s building a product that's impacting its users.

If you want to chat, reach me on email.


Event Status

A session management tool for meetups

Bill Reminder

Sends you an email for an unpaid bill.

Ahlia jewelry

A storefront for a jewelry business.

How much should I quote?

Helps you save on withdrawal fees


I’ve had the pleasure of writing for multiple software companies in the past. Most of these articles rank on the first page of Google. Here are some that I enjoyed working on:


I maintain a Notion-based blog on this site to document my lightbulb moments or concepts I struggled with and couldn’t find enough information on them at the time.

How I built my Notion-based portfolio site
How to create accessible SVG icons


A list of resources and links that I’ve found helpful over the years.


I'd love to talk, reach me on the following platforms.